Property Marketing

Property marketing is the process of promoting and advertising real estate properties to attract potential buyers or tenants. Effective and comprehensive property marketing strategies aim to showcase the unique features and benefits of a property to a target audience, generating interest and facilitating successful transactions.

Khoury have been appointed as project sales marketers and pre-lease agents for numerous commercial projects, from office buildings to retail and industrial spaces. From initial market analysis through to branding, pricing, sales or leasing, we are experts in identifying and targeting the appropriate demographic.

Key strategies we commonly use in marketing a property:


Online presence

Creating visually appealing and informative online listings on real estate websites, social media platforms, and property listing portals to reach a wider audience of potential buyers or renters.


Professional photography

Utilising high-quality images to provide a comprehensive view of the property and its features, allowing potential buyers or tenants to visualise the space before visiting it in person.


Printed materials

Designing and distributing brochures, flyers, and other print materials such as signboards that highlight the key selling points of the property and provide contact information for interested parties.


Open houses and property viewings

Organising open houses or private viewings to allow interested buyers or tenants to experience the property firsthand and ask questions directly to the property agent or owner.


Targeted advertising

Using targeted advertising campaigns to reach specific demographics or individuals who are more likely to be interested in the property, based on factors such as location, property type, and price range.


Networking and partnerships

Collaborating with other real estate agents, property developers, and local businesses to expand the property’s visibility and access a wider network of potential buyers or tenants.


Staging and presentation

Ensuring that the property is well-maintained, clean, and staged appropriately to create an inviting and appealing atmosphere that resonates with the target audience.

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