Industrial real estate refers to properties that are used for industrial purposes, including manufacturing, production, warehousing, distribution, research and development, and logistics. These properties are specifically designed to accommodate the operational needs of various industrial businesses, often with features such as high ceilings, large floor areas, loading docks, and specialised infrastructure.

Investing in industrial real estate requires an understanding of market demand, supply chain dynamics, and the specific requirements of industrial tenants. Factors such as proximity to transportation networks, availability of skilled labour, and the overall economic climate of the region play a crucial role in determining the viability and potential return on investment for industrial properties.

Whether its vacant land, manufacturing facilities, warehousing or industrial parks, the complex industrial market demands particular expertise. No matter what our clients’ sales or leasing requirements, Khoury’s specialist team works intelligently to market their industrial asset, secure them the ideal new premise or relocate tenants.

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