Retail real estate refers to commercial properties primarily intended for retail businesses, including shopping centres, malls, standalone retail stores, and restaurants. These properties are designed to accommodate the specific needs of retailers and provide an environment conducive to attracting and serving customers.

Investing in retail real estate requires a keen understanding of consumer behaviour, market trends, and the specific demands of retailers and shoppers. Retail property developers and investors must consider factors such as location, foot traffic, visibility, and the overall appeal of the retail space to attract and retain tenants.

Successful retail real estate management often involves strategic tenant mix planning, marketing initiatives, and creating engaging environments that enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

Khoury has been instrumental in the success of private and corporate retail owners, developers and tenants of a broad variety of retail spaces, from shopping centers and boutique suites to food and beverage locations. Our experts specialise in investment services, leasing, management and the planning and design of retail premises.

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